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We are the exclusive distributors for F-One, AFS and Manera  in Cyprus. As a result, we can provide any piece of new equipment required for wing foiling.

You can find used equipment here!

Simultaneously, Wing foiling lessons for all skill  levels are  scheduled every day.


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F-One  and AFS produce some of the best selling wings of the past years. From beginner to pro and sizes from 2m to 8m there is something here for everyone.


Boards come in  different shapes and multiple sizes with volumes ranging from 20l to 190l. Construction can be full carbon, bamboo sandwich, ASC or inflatable.

Cyprus Wingfoil school


Hydrofoils and masts can either be made of carbon, aluminium or a mix of both. The vast range of front wings, stabilizers, fuselages and mast lengths on offer can make the right choice confusing. However, we are available to help with expert advice and demonstrations. 

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Manera provides top quality Wingfoiling accessories and much more.  Leashes, harnesses, wetsuits, board bags, apparel etc. 

Cyprus Manera


Cyprus wingfoil school

The Hype

Wing foiling, what a sport! It is simple, beautiful, challenging, or as easy as you please. The feeling of freedom and flying effortlessly over the water is simply amazing.

Cyprus wingfoil school

The spot

Our lessons take place near Pissouri Bay on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

This ideal learning location has flat, shallow water on a smooth sandy beach. An experienced teacher and specially chosen  gear will ensure that your learning process is efficient, safe, and enjoyable.

Cyprus wingfoil school

Our stats:

  • 25 years of watersports instruction.
  • Tuition for beginners and advanced riders.
  • Lessons can be booked by the hour or course.
  • High quality F-One and AFS boards and wings.
  • Equipment hire for the more experienced.
  • Shop discounts for students and free lesson with every purchase.
Cyprus wingfoil school