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June 2024

The recent release of the NEW AFS Flyer 1800 hydrofoil complete kit made a head-to-head comparison with the F-One Gravity FCT 1800,  the workhorse of Wingfoil schools, inevitable.

The material utilized in their construction—100% carbon for the Flyer and a combination of aluminum and fiber glass for the Gravity—is the most visible distinction between them. While the F-One comes with a 75cm mast and 300cm2 stab, the AFS is shipped as standard with an 80cm mast and 245cm2 stab. In terms of weight, the entire AFS set weighs a remarkable 3420gr, whereas the F-One weighs 4600gr.

 On the water, both foils perform flawlessly providing stability and an easy take off for which they were intended. The Flyer 1800 has superior carving for such a large wing and a higher top speed than the Gravity 1800, which excels at stability at very low speeds.

Head to Head results:
Take off = Gravity
Stability = Same
Carving = Flyer
Glide = Flyer
Stall speed = Gravity
Top speed  = Flyer
Value= AFS Flyer 1199 euros/ F-One Gravity FCT 1099

April 2024

Wingfoil school is officially open!

Wing foiling lessons for all skill  levels are  now scheduled daily.

High quality F-One and AFS boards and wings.

“Take off” e-foil assist for fasterr learning.

Shop discounts for students and free lessons with every purchase.

March 2024.

F-One SK8 850 versus AFS Silk 850 Hydrofoils.

In the past weeks I had the opportunity to test and compare the F-One SK8 850/xxxs monobloc stab 180 to the AFS Silk 850/stab 142. The SK8 was paired with a F-One 85cm HM mast and the Silk to a AFS 85cm UHM mast. Both foils have a medium high aspect ratio of 8 and were designed to excel in carving waves.
Finish is excellent for both brands with a shinier SK8. On the balance the Silk plane is the lightest with a weight of 1125gr and 1398gr for the SK8. The F-One mast is significantly lighter (1667gr) than the heavier AFS mast (2039gr) but the later is 2mm thinner on the 2/3 bottom half and much stiffer especially in torsion. Total weight for the complete F-One set up was 3082gr against 3194gr for the  AFS.
AFS Cyprus
The verdict is these are two excellent and very similar foils for either wing foiling or surf foiling in waves with very good control. A small advantage for the Silk in slower to medium fast waves whereas the Sk8 performs better at higher speed in faster waves.
Manoeuvers such as jibes , tacks, 360’s are seamless on both foils with excellent glide and control. You can’t go wrong with either!
Head to Head results:
Take off = Same
Pumping = Same
Carving = Silk
Glide = SK8
Stall speed = Silk
Top speed  = SK8
Responsiveness = Silk
AFS Cyprus

March 2024.

As for this coming 2024 season our wingfoil school will use electric “Take off” foil assist as part of our wingfoil lessons.

Mutiple benefits are :

  • Faster/easier learning.
  • Take off possible on ultra light wind days.
  • Hydrofoil flying practice on (rare) no wind days.
  • Possibility to use smaller lighter wings and boards.
  • Effortless self rescue.
Cyprus foil assist electric

February 2024

Cyprus-wind is now the sole retailer for AFS foiling products in Cyprus.

AFS has the reputation of making some of the best high performance foils, wings and boards on the market while remaining user friendly.

Hand made in France by industry pioneers and expert riders their manufacturing process uses the highest quality materials.

AFS Silk Cyprus


November 2023.

Trip : Guadjiru, Brazil.

Strong wind 24/7.

Endless sandy beaches.

Warm and safe sea.

August 2023.

Watching the guys practicing their wingfoil jibes.

Cast: Steve, Gary, Arnaud, James.


July 2022.

A basic explanation on how to complete a toe side tack while kite foiling. 

June 2022.

One more variation for the jibe and tack, passing the wing in your back in the process.


October 2021.

3 of the most popular toe side jibes while Wingfoiling. Equipment used : Custom 5’0”x21” 50L board, F-One Strike 3.5m wing, F-One Phantom 940 hydrofoil.

September 2021.

3 of the most popular ways to jibe heel side while Wingfoiling. Equipment used : 5’0”x21” 50L custom made board, F-One Strike 3.5m Wing, F-One Phantom 940 hydrofoil.

August 2021.

There are a few different ways to handle the wing while carving 360’s Wingfoiling. These are 3…


July 2020.

Wingfoil tack, 3 different ways.

Pre- 2020

Maui, Hawaii.

Matanzas, Chile.

Cap town, South Africa.

Mancora, Peru.

Shacks, Puerto Rico.

Sal, Cabo Verde.

Essaouira, Morocco.

Gnaraloo, Western Australia.

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