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In the past years F-One were really devoted to Hydrofoiling offering a huge range of foils not just for kitesurfing, but also for SUP , Surf and Windsurfing!  With the introduction of the IC6 Hydrofoil they really stepped up their game even further in 2018 offering what is arguably the best value  hydrofoil to date.
The real beauty of the F-One set up is the Fast Connection Device or “FCD” . This means there is only one screw in order to build the entire set up. However, it’s not only the speed of assembly/disassembly that makes the FCD great, it is the fact it keep the wings, fuselage and mast in perfect alignment too.
With the introduction of their Hybrid Hydrofoil in 2017, a mix of carbon and Aluminium, F-One offered a system that was more affordable than full  Carbon construction. With the New IC6 2018 and it’s injected Carbon wings technology they take this a step further offering a product which is very affordable, completely compatible and upgradable with their existing range.Whatever your style and level you can upgrade if necessary with any of the Carbon wings/mast from any size/length available in their range.
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On The Water

The foil itself is really stable even when riding at slow speed, flying is almost immediate while it still has plenty of performance to keep you progressing for a good long while. The hollow aluminium mast is light (same weight than it’s carbon counterpart 1.5kg) offers excellent stiffness and plenty of upwind drive. I tested it back to back with the 2017 carbon Grand prix mast and while ultimately not as fast, the upwind angle is very impressive.The New 850cm2 front wing has a really nice carve and is great for advanced riders riding in waves while it ‘s slow flying speed also make learning and performing flying jibes and tacks easier.

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In terms of build and quality this is one of the best set ups I have seen, excellent Fast Connection Device and KF Box or plate connection system. It is super easy to use and quick too. Having Foilboarded since 2005 I have seen the sport come a long way in the past few years. This IC6 hydrofoil summons the point were just like “traditional” kitesurfing in the early days, Foilboarding  has now gone from a super extreme sport to something accessible to most!