Sail Repairs

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Sail and kite repair.

We offer a comprehensive service across Cyprus and beyond. We specialize in the repair of Monofilm and X-ply windsurfing sails, Ripstop kites and paragliders, Dacron and Mylar yacht sails,

Cyprus-Wind is also an authorized repair center  for major kite and sail manufacturers and can therefore deal with insurance claims. To top this the loft offers an extremely fast turn around time even during the busy summer  months.

Please look through the information availible on the site.Our Questions/Answers page will cover all common questions on repairing kites and sail.


Windsurf and Yacht sails : Panel replacement, torn mast sleeves, batten pockets etc

Kites : Rips in the canopy, exploded leading edge/struts, bar and lines repairs and more...

Kite bladders :We pride ourselves on the fact that there is almost no bladder beyond repair.

Board repairs : Delaminations, dings, cracks, fitting of strap inserts, broken fin boxes.

When possible repairs are completed overnight.