South Africa

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Cape Town, South Africa

With strong winds almost guaranteed and riding conditions suitable for most whether freestyler or waverider Cape town is a major kitesurfing destination. Affordable flights, no jet lag (for europeans) and cheap cost of living make it extra atractive !


Wind is very strong in Cape town and very small kites recommended if you want to fully enjoy kitesurfing here. Windy season starts in December through to March. A long wetsuit is neede all year round as the water temperature rarely exceeds 15 degrees.

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Wave riding spots

Table view

Table view beach is located along the seafront road. There are numerous parking areas along the road where you can pull off and access the beach. Wind as on most kite spots in the Cape town area is side-shore from the left. Waves work when the sandbanks are good but waves often lack form.

Big Bay

Big Bay is situated 10mn drive North from Table view and has a pleasant little beach with great views on Table mountain and Robben island. It is a very popular beach and on a good day you can meet the who’s who of kitesurfing there either freestyling in the bay or wave riding the point situated immediately upwind.


Witsands beach is very popular with windsurfers, kitesurfers and surfers. The beach is quite big and has soft white sand  but is rarely used for sunbathing. Take a scenic drive down the coast south from Cape town heading for Cape point and you will find Witsands near the village of Scarbourgh. The cross-shore winds create fantastic conditions for sailing and the scenery makes it even more magical.

Off the water

All and everything is available, whether food or accommodation is concenrned. Cape town is an “urban spot” and offers all the advantages of having a great city at proximity. Many things to do and visit on rare no wind days including safaris, shark diving, visiting Cape point and table mountain.

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