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Maui, Hawaii

Maui has long been regarded as one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world. Big waves, side shore winds and a paradise setting combined with a relaxed atmosphere contribute greatly to this reputation. Maui’s kitesurfing epicenter is located on it’s northern shore along a 10 mile coastline stretching from the main city of Kahului to Haiku.


The North easterly winds are strongest  and most consistent from April to October with mostly small waves. From November to March the wind can change from week to week but the waves are much more consistent in size and quantity. Climate is tropical with mild and uniform temperatures year round in the high 20 celsius (no wetsuit required). Showers are very common, yet while some of these are very heavy, the vast majority are light and brief. 

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Wave riding spots

Kanaha beach park / kite beach

This a very crowded place and where most kitesurfers on the island ride, so know what you are doing. Wind on the inside re-defines the word “Gusty” and it is not much better out at sea. There is a very nice sandy beach to launch your kite from and many people to help. Water state on the inside is flat and choppy with a nice wave breaking 300m off the coast.

 Upper Kanaha

Upper Kanaha is a reef wave breaking further out from kite beach. You still have to launch from Kanaha beach park and ride approximately 20mn upwind to get there. You will then be rewarded with a bigger less crowded wave. My favorite.


For expert riders only. Launching a kite is sketchy at best with gusty wind and walking on rocks involved. Booties are a must. Out at sea the wind is still as gusty as ever. Waves  are big, fast and break in sections. They are also very short in length and you would be lucky to get  more that two cut backs here. Much less crowded that other places.


A stone throw away from Lanes it is also a much better spot but off limits to kitesurfers unless there are less than 10 surfers or windsurfers on the water which in reality seldom happens. Always launch from Lanes.

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Off the water

There are no big hotels and resorts on the North shore of Maui so unless you don’t mind driving across from the south or west coast (20 to 30mn) the alternative is to hire a house or stay at a bed and breakfast. Many things to do such as whale watching, climbing Haleakala volcano, visiting the Maalaea aquarium, driving to Hana and much more.