BANDIT 11 2018  

The master of versatility ! Name one kite that has conquered the world speed record, the world wave riding title and also won PKRA freestyle events . There is no other but the F-one Bandit.

11 years of perpetual improvement and dedicated development!

The BANDIT is a benchmark from which others follow, for eleven years it has been one of the most popular kites on the market, with good reason. We put all our knowledge into this kite, creating the ultimate tool for kitesurfers to use whatever their riding style!
It offers a unique range of use; the top pro riders choose it for freestyle, waves and big air, it’s also a popular school kite, thanks to its auto-relaunch capabilities and it’s easy to fly nature.
The BANDIT is perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts alike, whatever your style is on the water, the Bandit delivers..




Larger kites of 11m² or more are optimized for light air riding with a particular focus on lightness and maneuverability which are critical on these sizes. They offer an unprecedented amount of power per square meter and an improved behavior in the upper range.

Sizes of 8-9-10m² are super-efficient in any kind of winds and disciplines.
The smaller 4-5-6-7m² kites are targeted at wave riding. Control of the speed of the kite has been improved to help you focus on your carving lines while surfing. Superior control in the upper range and overall comfort are also proofs of the significant developments made towards wave riding as much as the gains in stability, the improvements in bar feeling and maneuverability.
Bandit 4 m

Kite only €1030

Bandit 5 m

Kite only €1080

Bandit 6 m

Kite only €1130

Bandit 7 m

Kite only €1180

Bandit 8 m

Kite only €1230

Bandit 9 m

Kite only €1280

Bandit 10m

Kite only €1350

Bandit 11m

Kite only €1430

Bandit 12m

Kite only €1480

Bandit 14m

Kite only €1600

Bandit 17m

Kite only €1800

Bar only

Bar only €499 


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