Slingshot Twin tips

SS_2017_Kiteboard_MisfitMisfit characteristics:
One of Slingshot’s longest-running boards, the Misfit is a time-tested design perfect for general freeride kiters who want a twin tip they can use anywhere, in any condition. 132/136/142/146cm.Price €740

SS_2017_Kiteboard_AsylumAsylum characteristics:
The 2017 Asylum delivers fast top-end speeds, aggressive edging and smooth load and pop, making this an ideal board for progressive and aggressive freestyle and freeriding . 134/138/141cm.Price €760

SS_2017_Kiteboard_VisionVision characteristics:                                        With a rocker profile in between the Asylum and the Misfit, the Vision is our signature freestyle-freeride crossover board designed for riders who want one board they can ride aggressively in all conditions. 134/138/140cm.Price €700

SS_2017_Kiteboard_CrisisCrisis characteristics:                                   With a lighter, more flexible layup and a mild rocker profile, the Crisis is a user-friendly board designed for riders progressing from entry-level to intermediate or advanced. 134/137/141/146cm.Price €630

SS_2017_Kiteboard_WidowMakerWidowmaker characteristics:                 Building on a reputation as one of the lightest, highest-tech twin tips in kiteboarding, the Widowmaker has been stripped down and rebuilt to be lighter and stronger than ever. 136/140cm.Price €1150

SS_2017_Kiteboard_GlideGlide characteristics:                                        The Glide is our dedicated light-wind board designed to get you out and riding, and having a blast doing it, while others sit on the beach waiting for the wind to come up. 149/159cm.Price €700