Common questions


What is the maximum size repair that I can do myself using repair tape?

As a permanent repair -about 10cm- depending if the tear is in a high load area or running over stitches. Larger tears can be patched temporarily. Tears on kite’s struts should always be stitched professionally.

Important…The home use of resin and glue based repair kits greatly devalues kites and sails and makes them more difficult to repair later properly. We recommend using self adhesive Dacron or Mylar tape as a temporary solution as it will not cause irreversible damage and is less difficult to removed for future professional repair.

Can stickers be used instead of repair tape?

Yes, as long as it has a waterproof adhesive. One of the best are stickers that say -Fascal Permanent- on the backing paper. Although not pretty Duct tape also works great.

Must I wash my kite/sail after every use?

Not necessarily, especially if you use it often. Most important is to never roll it wet or with sand. This will cause the colors to bleed and wear out the stitches.

My sail has a tear in the mast sleeve, should I get it repaired?

Tears less than 15cm in the mast sleeve tend to be more of an inconvenience than affecting the structural integrity of a sail. You will need to be careful when sleeving the mast so as not to rip it further.

How much does a repair cost?

I can only give an estimate on inspection or alternatively send us an e-mail with photos and brief description of the damage.

How do I go about having my kite or sail repaired?

If you can’t bring it over and are located near  Limassol or Pafos give me a call (Christophe 99604129) and I will gladly collect and deliver. If you are further away just send it  using one of the  parcel delivery  companies such as Akis Express,  Travel Express or ACS. They offer a fast and cheap town to town service (5 euros for a medium size kite or sail).

All you need is to give them the name and number of the sender (yours) and recipient (mine) and they will do the rest. When your kite or sail is ready,  you will get a phone call asking you to collect it from the same office from which you sent it. Payment is made on delivery.

How long does it it take make a repair?

We try to complete repairs within a few days ( normally 2 to 4 days turn over) but please note that we can only work on dry and sand free items. Washing sand/salt off and drying will add to the repair time.

Do you also repair kite bladders and leaking valves ?

Yes, and we like to beleive that there is almost no kite bladder which is beyond repair. In fact we have practically stopped importing replacement originals from the manufacturers!

Can you give insurance quotes for repairs ?

Yes, on inspection of your sail we can send a written quote to your insurance. There is no charge for this as long as we do the repair. You can also e-mail a photo of the damage so we can give you an estimate of the cost for the repair.