Kite Repairs

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cyprus-Wind is an authorized repair center for many of the kitesurfing industry’s leading brands.. Kites are particularly susceptible to damage and a small tear or hole that may look insignificant can in some cases  result in the kite being torn in half.

 A large stock of  laminates, Polyester Ripstops and Dacron cloths which have been supplied directly from kite manufacturers make it possible for an exact color match and near invisible repairs.

None of the repairs rely on glue, tape or after market repair kits. Only original materials are used to protect the integrity of the kite design, look and feel. Your kite continues to fly exactly the way it did before the damage occurred.

A few examples :.

warooblue_s.jpg                                        Kite canopy before repair

waroobluerepaired_s.jpg                                              Kite canopy after repair

cab-le-befores.jpg                                    Kite leading edge before repair

cable-repair-2s.jpg                                       Kite leading edge after repair



Cyprus-Wind is equipped with state of the art sailmaking machinery. Kite repairs and modifications have been our specialty for the past 15 years and led us to be the only serious kite repair center in Cyprus.

All our repairs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the kite. Simple !