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Mancora, Peru.

A cool little beach town on the Pan American highway Mancora is the perfect base from which to explore Northern Peru. Getting to Mancora from Lima airport requires a 1h30 domestic flight to Piura followed by a 3 hour drive.


From April to November wind blows from 10 to 25 knots sometimes 30 knots. Although water temperature in Mancora is bearable without a wetsuit, riding spots located further south such as Baterillas, Lobitos or Tres Cruces requires neoprene due to the cold current. Being close to the Equator Northern Peru air temperature is pretty stable averaging 25 degrees year round.

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Wave riding spots

Mancora beach

Situated 5mn walk from Mancora’s main street it is the perfect place to start wave riding as it is an easy point break that allows you to experiment. A nice left that breaks for 200 to 300m long with wave faces from 0.5 to 2 meters high. Mornings and late afternoons can get extremely busy with surfers so take care.

Tres Cruces

In the middle of nowhere 40mn drive south from Mancora. A nice reef break at the start of a wide sandy beach. A classic intermediate riding spot never busy but not inhospitable either.


A world class spot for experienced riders. A long fast barreling wave split in successive sections breaking over a sand bank. rarely exceeds 3 meters (most often 1 to 2 meters) but is very powerful. Wind is gusty blowing side/off from the left and often stronger than on other spots.


A spot for experienced riders. Here the wind is side shore and waves are bigger than Lobitos. Get in to trouble and your next stop is Japan. Situated just 1 km South from Lobitos access is difficult and done by climbing down a hill with all your gear. Mega spot!

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Off the water

There is plenty of accommodation available in Mancora ranging from hotels to self catering rooms. Dinning out is a real experience with some of the best seafood in the world served at “La Sirena” restaurant plus a small selection of excellent Mexican, Italian and Sushi places. Nightlife is simple but colorful with beach bars and parties going on till late at night.