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Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira has been a very popular destination for windsurfing since the early eighty’s thanks to its consistent strong winds and world class wave riding. Situated on the Atlantic face of Morocco, Essaouira is only a few hours flight from most European capitals which makes it cheap and attractive.


The best time to go to Essaouira is from April to October with the beginning and the end of this period being the best for wave riding. Summer produces very strong consistent winds, often above 6 Beaufort. Essaouira being on the Atlantic coast, the water is cool even in the middle of the summer and requires a 3 to 5mm wetsuit. Average temperatures for mid summer is 16 degrees for the water and 25 degrees for the air.  

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Wave riding spots

Moulay Bouzerktoon

Situated 20km North from Essaouira Moulay Bouzerktoon can produce epic wave riding conditions. This is an expert’s spots with waves that can become very large with long flat section in between. The tide is an important factor as there can be 70m+ difference between low and high tide which greatly affects the waves breaking over a rocky sea bed

Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki is a small Berber village situated 28km South from Essaouira. This spot is attractive for all : Surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers. It features a long and large beach with fine sand. The spot is safe and famous for it’s good waves which are normally 1 to 3 meters high.

Essaouira bay

This is the “beginners” spot of the area. A nice long bay with a  wide sandy beach, sea state is very choppy with sometimes small to medium waves. Wind is strong but very gusty at best so good only if you want to avoid the big waves found on the other spots.

Off the water 

The center of Essaouira is blooming with light and magic: Narrow alleys, white chalked houses, peacefull squares, small cafes, stalls and workshops. Finding accommodation is easy and plentyfull and so is renting a car which is essential unless you only ride Essaouira bay.