Cabo Verde

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Sal, Cabo Verde

The island of Sal and the village of Santa Maria are the main venue for kitesurfers visiting the Cape Verde islands. Situated 200km west of the African coast of Senegal Sal is a small arid island that has attracted a lot of attention over the past decade due to it’s excellent wind and waves.


The best time to visit Sal is from November to May. The wind never gets extremely strong but is very steady. It is also feels less dense than normal which means you will probably be using a slightly bigger kite than normal. During the windy period average air temperature is 22 degrees which is perfect with a short wetsuit.

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Wave riding spots

Ponta Preta

This spot should be the main reason why wave riders should visit Sal, but not the case, as it is very selective. Definitely one of the best (if not the best) right breaking waves in the world. It is fast, predictable and breaks along a rocky coast line so mistakes are costly. The wind is side-off from the right and the wave riding epic.

Cabessa Salina (Shark bay)

With the wind blowing side-shore from the left Cabessa Salina is the complete opossite of Ponta Preta. Waves are smaller, mushier and there is a long stretch of beach from which to land and launch a kite. Deservingly the most popular spot on the island and accessible to everyone.

Off the water

Accommodation is plentiful on Sal, from hotel to self catering apartments but expect lower living standards than rated (4* hotel in Sal = 3* hotel in Europe). Restaurants for dinning are everywhere, mostly sea food but also a few Italian. There is not much to do on Sal on no wind days apart from enjoying the sun, hiring a quad bike for fun or visiting an old salt mine…