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Western Australia

Also known as W.A. it is probably one of the best destinations in the world suitable for kitesurfers of all levels and styles. Most travellers to W.A, arrive at Perth which is more or less half way along the coast. You absolutely need a car to get around as most of the top wave riding venues are in isolated places.


It’s a huge country so depending on how far up or down the coast you travel the best time to go is from September to February. The wind and waves are very reliable. Climate ranges from tropical up North to chili down South so a 3 mm short wet suit can be handy.

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Wave riding spots

Coronation beach

Coronation beach is probably the most versatile kitesurfing spot in Australia. Situated 25km North of Geraldton  it consists of a large lagoon with a reef break 400m off the beach. You have the choice to either ride the flattish water within the reef or hit the waves on the outside.


Flat water on the inside or you can hit the wave zone further out which is fairly safe. A “Coronation beach” on a smaller scale. Waves can get pretty big and particularly good for jumping. Situated just 130km North of Perth this small fishing village provides a great holiday place for all watersports lovers.


If you are serious about wave riding this is the place to be. Only good for wave riding experts not beginner wave riders. Located 1000km North from Perth and 160km from Carnavon (nearest town) the coast is pretty wild with sea urchins and sharks. Epic wave riding with over a dozen turns on each wave is pretty common but if you can’t wave ride the reef and the coral show absolute no mercy.

Abrolhos islands

Situated 200 miles off the coast from Geraldton they can be reached either by boat or helicopter. Unspoiled and preserved the Abrolhos consist of hundreds of small inhabited islands most being no bigger than a tennis court. Still to be discovered, we just rode a place spotted from the air…

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Off the water

All kind of accommodation can be found as you move from spot to spot except at Gnaraloo where you need to be self sufficient. Dinning out should be done early since outside Perth W.Australians go to sleep early!