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September 15, 2005
15 Sep 2005

Kite Foilboarding.

Curiosity killed the cat . Not this time ! The first kite foilboard was brought on to the island this summer. After a few hours of practice results were spectacular and make foilboarding an interesting option for those light wind days. Pehaps the futur will make it more practical and easier to use.

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June 15, 2005
15 Jun 2005

Downwind dash.

The second edition of the downwind dash organized at the Lemmings water sports club was again a success and dominated as last year by the Cyprus-Wind Kitesurfing Pro Center instructors who managed to keep even the fastest windsurfers at bay in winds reaching 25 knots. A kitesurfing freestyle session followed which lasted till late in the afternoon.


April 20, 2003
20 Apr 2003

Kitesurfing Lemesos salt lake

                                         kiteboarding Limassol salt lake 10 kiteboarding Limassol salt lake 5 kiteboarding Limassol salt lake 7 kiteboarding Limassol salt lake 3 kiteboarding Limassol salt lake 9

I wanted to sail the Ladies mile salt lake for a long time.The rain we had this winter made it deep enough and the early departure of the flamingos that usually cover the area made it possible this year. After rigging in the mud the SBA police came to see what was happening. There curiosity past they watched me launch and drove off. They came back later after they realized that sailing the salt lake was forbidden but by then we where long gone. Very muddy but a lot of fun, carving in 10cm depth of perfectly flat water. It was like sailing the ground. My thanks go to buddies Panicos, Panayiotis, Christos and Savas for their invaluable help.