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April 4, 2017
04 Apr 2017

Foilboarding, race, wave, freestyle, speed…. Is this getting out of control ? Definitely an addiction!





December 8, 2015
08 Dec 2015

Inflatable Windsurfing Rig.

Just an experiment/exercice but it works fine. An inflatable (like a kite) windsurfing rig. Super light, easy to uphaul, no risk of injury when the sail falls on to you, easy to transport . Could be a great option for beginners and kids.




December 5, 2015
05 Dec 2015

Latchi kite trip

No risk, no gain! We sacrificed what seemed to be a good day on our local spot to explore the island for something new and unlike so many other times this time was worthy it. Can’t wait to go back!







November 25, 2015
25 Nov 2015

F-One Diablo kite

Who would have thought that foil kites would one day make a come back. It has happened in kite racing were all the top pros are now using them for there superior performance in that discipline. Upwind, downwind, pure speed, super light wind, inflatable kites don’t stand a chance.

Though flying them takes new skills the magic of “flying” in 4 knots of wind will prevail!





February 13, 2015
13 Feb 2015

Good start for 2015

Year 2015 started well with an awesome session on New years day and the following. Finally after a long wait the waves  were back. January 7th delivered the biggest waves I have ever ridden in Cyprus and it has been pretty good ever since. Made me want to take photos again…







December 19, 2014
19 Dec 2014

Custom made board bags.


Thanks to popular demand I am now making custom made bags for Twin Tips all kind of boards Surfboards andHhydrofoils. Choose a color and add your initials or any other design to make your bag unique. Zipperless design bypasses corrosion and jamming issues.








All bags are padded with 4mm high density foam covered with heavy duty nylon and UV coated sail cloth on the outside and insulating aluminum foil on the inside.  Perfect fit guaranteed!

November 15, 2014
15 Nov 2014

Prosail plotter and softwear

The recent acquisition of the Prosail plotter and sail design software is a major step in the direction of producing consistent and precise sail shapes.


Pro sail design

Additionally a sail  can be viewed and assessed on a computer screen prior to being cut giving an exact rendering of what the final product will look like. An integrated nesting program also maximizes the use of sail cloth keeping waste to a minimum.

November 5, 2013
05 Nov 2013

Foilboarding the “New” dimension.

Well, not really as I built my first foilboard back in 2004 but with the big kiteboard manufacturers entering the game, 2015 will be the year where Foilboarding will reach the masses. Foils are getting cheaper and now easier to ride because of technological evolution. They are the fastest most efficient craft on the water. They literally smoke traditional kiteboards going upwind or downwind, in light or strong wind and the feeling of flying in silence over the surface of the sea is simply magical.

foil 6

My prediction is that Foilboarding will be an Olympic discipline at the games in 2020.

December 8, 2012
08 Dec 2012

Back to Hawaii

Back to Hawaii again this year with the mission to kitesurf the legendary Peah’i A.K.A  Jaws on Maui’s north shore. Matt Kazuma from “Kazuma Surfboards” who’s workshop is a stone throw away from the famous wave shaped me a board especially  for this occasion.




Jaws does not “function” very often and so within the month I spent on the island I only succeeded to ride a rather weak Jaws on two occasions. Not what I was hoping but nevertheless an experience I will never forget and to be renewed!

August 21, 2012
21 Aug 2012

Christophe Meletiou interview




Christophe Meletiou interview, a French-Cypriot kitesurfer

July 27, 2012
27 Jul 2012

Cyprus kitesurfer prepares for Jaws.



Published on July 27, 2012

Jaws paper2

Riding the waves, Christophe on his kitesurfer.

A love of waves will take one local man to Hawaii in the next few months in pursuit of one of the world’s largest. BEJAY BROWNE meets him.

December 14, 2011
14 Dec 2011

A month in paradise.

                          lanes-beach.jpg lanes-1.jpg surfs.jpg kanaha-beach-park.jpg

 Maui, Hawaii was my training destination this fall and the legendary island of the Pacific did not disapoint. Postcard setting, warm weather, consistent wind and waves combined with a relaxed lifestyle is what I got for a whole month… My base was in Haiku/Peahi on Maui’s north shore only minutes drive from the famous spots of Hookipa, Lanes and Kanaha (read and see more).

January 25, 2011
25 Jan 2011

Chilean waves

Chile, Matanzas kite trip.

                          matanzas-view-from-the-hill.jpg christophe-off-the-lip.jpg tribune.jpg almost-tube.jpg

Big waves, strong winds and cold water basically describe this coastal part of Chile. Extreme wave riding guaranteed! Matanzas is a small one street village located two and a half hours drive south from Santiago. It belongs to the borough of Navidad and is home for a few families that practice traditional farming, small scale fishing and increasingly tourism powered by surfing ,windsurfing and kitesurfing (read and see more).

October 29, 2010
29 Oct 2010


…………………………………………………………New Logo WEB blue

Sail, Kite, Paraglider repair and conception has been my specialization for the past decade. As an authorized warranty repair loft for many of the industries largest brands our responsability towards local sailors is huge. Having started on a small home sewing machine borrowed from a friend back in 1999, things have since gone a long way…


tools-of-the-trade-1.jpg      tools-of-the-trade-3.jpg

The latest addition of an industrial top of the range sewing machine has taken things even further. Special features such as extra long and high arm (no sail creasing), needle cooling, pneumatic puller and presser foot control, result in a very practical, precision tool capable of outstanding work.

July 6, 2010
06 Jul 2010

A beach of our own…


                          cape-aspro-img_1014.jpg cape-aspro-img_1043.jpg trio-img_0974.jpg cape-aspro-beach.jpg

After 10 years spent Kitesurfing in Cyprus and as many Windsurfing before that you would think we knew every beach and good spots in existence on such a small island. Using a boat has recently opened a hole new variety of places from where it is possible to kitesurf in Cyprus. Only accessible by sea, no crowds, untouched and only few minutes away from our base in Pissouri.

April 6, 2010
06 Apr 2010

New RIB.

In it’s constant pursuit of offering the best possible structure for learning to kitesurf Cyprus-Wind Kitesurfing Pro Center has acquired a new state of the art RIB. This boat allows to improve  students learning curve, safety and guarantee that whatever the wind direction we can give a lesson. Off shore winds ruining your kitesurfing course are a thing of the past !



Thanks to this specially fitted dinghy all water lessons are boat supported and more efficient. We can also extend our down-wind rides and excursions to further away beaches.

December 6, 2009
06 Dec 2009

Another kite trip to Peru.

                          mancora-img_0638s.jpg riding-lobitos-img_0091.jpg dog-feeding-lobitos-sc_0760-2.jpg dodging-surfers_mg_8342.jpg

A cool little beach town right on the Pan-American highway, Mancora is a great base from which to explore Peru’s north coast. With incredible restaurants serving world class fresh tuna steaks and seafood, and plenty of chill bars to relax after a long day on the water, we were once more delighted with Mancora’s laid back vibe. Constant wind and near perfectly shaped surf made Northern Peru, once more, an ideal destination for riding waves (read and see more).

August 1, 2009
01 Aug 2009

Solar powered ultrasonic windmeter with GSM.

                          ultrasonic-wind-meter.jpg ultrasonic-wind-meter3.jpg wind-report.jpg windtalker_img4.jpg

The Cyprus-Wind Kitesurfing Pro Center and friends has installed an ultrasonic  solar powered windmeter on one of Cyprus’ windiest kitesurfing spots. This device enables designated users to remotetly access real-time and historical data about the wind speed on the location of the device via cell phone (sms message) or PC web portal interface. As a kite school we now know precisely what the wind is at the beach before getting there enabeling us to program  lessons more accurately, and for everyday kitesurfers less time is wasted looking for wind. For details on how to access this device please contact

May 16, 2009
16 May 2009

Paramali beach clean up.

                          paramali-beach-clean-up.jpg paramali-beach-clean-up-2.jpg paramali-beach-clean-up-3.jpg paramali-beach-clean-up4.jpg

Episkopi Turtlewatch chose to celebrate ‘International Endangered Species Day’ in an apt manner by completing its annual beach clean programme.  A host of eager volunteers braved the hottest day of the year so far in order to prepare Paramali kitesurfing Beach for imminent turtle nesting season.  The efforts of the turtlewatch volunteers were supported by several members of the SBA police, the newly formed “Cyprus Women of Today” group, local kite surfers and Paramali Council.  Funding was supplied by Project AWARE Foundation International.

Thanks are also due to the muhktar of Paramali who surprised the participants with well deserved refreshments after the hard work had been completed.

February 12, 2009
12 Feb 2009

South Africa kite trip.

                          carving-at-big-bay.jpg table-mountain.jpg christophe-at-haagat.jpg spotter.jpg

Cape Town, South Africa is a very windy place and one of the top locations in the world for kitesurfing at all levels. The beaches are stunningly beautiful and there is a wide selection of spots to ride weather you like flat or waves. My friend Steve and I spent 3 weeks kitesurfing spots such as Big Bay, Haagat and my personnal favorit Witsands. Combined with good food, lots of sight seeing, and cheap rates it is no wonder it has become one of the top training grounds for the who’s who in kitesurfing (read and see more).

November 29, 2008
29 Nov 2008

A month in Peru.

                         christophe-at-baterias.jpg baterias-climb.jpg off-the-lip-2.jpg george-and-christophe.jpg. 

Northern Peru has extraordinary kitesurfing conditions with perfect waves and reliable winds. This is where you go if you want to KiteSURF. If you are going to be doing freestyle, this is not the best place for you. You will just be in the way… Mancora was the perfect base for reaching out to spots such as Lobitos, Tres cruces or Baterias. With excellent seafood, nice people and chilled atmosphere this was my best kite trip to date. I will be back (read and see more) !

September 12, 2008
12 Sep 2008

Stacking kites.

Winds were light but forecasted to get stronger later that day. I only had 6 & 4m Kites with me so why wait any longer ? With the help of a good friend what started as a joke became a reality, so we stacked both kites using 4m line extensions . 


                                         stacked-nanos-1.jpg   stacked-nanos-2.jpg   stacked-nanos-3.jpg

Flying the kites stacked was very simillar to flying a single kite. Most tricks and moves were possible and the extra power allowed me to kitesurf till the wind got stronger. Water re-launching was not attempted but could certainly be a problem…

May 7, 2008
07 May 2008

Morocco kite trip.

                          moulay-windsurfer-waveriding.JPG bertrand-fleury.JPG moulay-kitesurfing-5.JPG villa-garance.JPG

Moulay Bouzarktoon, down on Morocco’s Atlantic coast is mainly considered a windsurfers spot. So, very few kitesurfers there apart from my friend Yiannis, kitesurfing champion Bertrand Fleury and me… Nuclear winds with big waves and rough seas converted into epic sailing conditions… for those up to the challenge (read and see more).

April 23, 2008
23 Apr 2008

Spot, spoting…

                          spot-spoting.JPG spot-spoting-2.JPG spot-spoting-1.JPG spot-spoting-3.JPG

What do kitesurfers do when there is no wind ? Spot spoting… Take to the air, fly slow and low, go wherever you please, and have a new look on potential kitesurfing spots. Discover new beaches, find access roads and if you are not too dizzy after go ride them !

March 28, 2008
28 Mar 2008

Season’s summary.

                          nicolas-down-the-line.JPG nicolas-kitesurf.JPG christophe-aerial.jpg yiannis-at-curium.JPG

Winter 2007/08 will be remembered as one of the best kitesurfing seasons yet by Cyprus waveriding aficcionados. Curium  delivered  wind and waves (up to 4meters) very consistently and has given many local riders a new look on the sport other than freeride/freestyle. Surfboards are now a common view on the spots and their number has tripled in the past year.   

A  video of some of the action can be seen here : Back to reality, with the spring and the summer ahead of us it is going to be a long time before we get a good swell again.

January 27, 2008
27 Jan 2008

Puerto Rico kite trip.

                          wave-riding-pr4.JPG view-from-the-house-pr.JPG pr-aerial.JPG view-from-the-house.JPG

It has  now become a tradition for us to go on a kite trip every January and this year was no exception. Our destination this time was Shacks beach in Puerto Rico the “Hawaii” of the caribbean. Unfortunately the holiday came to a tragic end when our good friend Dominica drowned after loosing consciousness while swimming back to the beach after a kite session at Montones.

According to doctors her drowning was due to cardiac arrest. A lot of crap has been circulating on the internet about how this accident really happened so I hope this will set the record straight. At age 29 she was a sweet girl and a keen kitesurfer. She will be missed (read and see more). 

January 1, 2008
01 Jan 2008

New years day kitesurfing session.

It is 7.30am on new years day 2008 and my good friend Manolis and I have made arrangements to meet at Ladies mile beach to welcome the new year in the best possible way. A kitesurfing session ! The wind is blowing from the east 20/25 knots and Manolis decides to use an 8m kite whereas I go for a 6m. 

                                           new-years-day-730-am.jpg    new-years-day-2008-730-am.jpg    new-years-day-2008.jpg

I remember us saying to each other at the end of a 5 hour long session, this had been the best new year’s day we had in a long time. See you next year file mou ! 

February 5, 2007
05 Feb 2007

Sal, Cabo Verde.

                          cabo-verde-kite-beach-view.JPG cabo-verde-josh-angulo.JPG cabo-verde-kite-beach.JPG cabo-verde-surfer.JPG

The island of Sal might not be the best place for sight seeing but who cares when you are a kitesurfer and have a world class wave called Punta Preta to play with every day ? We spent two intense weeks last January riding the fastest cleanest wave ever, which alone makes this magical island worth visiting (read and see more).

August 28, 2006
28 Aug 2006

Jerome “Radical” Caillet.

Jerome Caillet the shaper of “Radical custom boards” visited our island during two weeks this August and could be seen kitesurfing at Paramali beach every afternoon. His arrival was long awaited by the large number of local kitesurfers that use his boards which followed into long discussions about future shaping technics and materials. He particularly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and cypriot cuisine.


February 10, 2006
10 Feb 2006

W.Australia kite trip.

                          wa-gnaraloo-beach.jpg wa-gnaraloo-bay.jpg wa-abrolhos-trip.jpg wa-gnaraloo-waves.jpg 

The Cyprus-Wind Kitesurfing Pro Center team and friends passesd most of January 2006 training down under in Western Australia. A memorable trip none of us will never forget with nuclear winds and perfect waves. We drove close to 3000km kitesurfing legendary spots such as Coronation, Lancelin, Gnaraloo or the Abrolhos islands. A destination that will be hard to beat in the future (read and see more).