Furniture and Utilities

A series of board sports related objects designed and created by Christophe Meletiou. Each piece is fully functional and made to customer’s specification and wishes.


Kite coffee table.

Steel and wood frame, Dacron hand stitched kite canopy, 10mm glass top.

Dimensions: 100 x 52 x 41cm.


coffee-table-img_1827s.jpg  coffee-table-img_1821s.jpg  coffee-table-img_1828s.jpg  coffee-tableimg_1826s.jpg


Kite office desk

Hanging kite bar acts as foot rest.

Steel and wood frame, Dacron hand stitched kite canopy, 10mm glass top.

Dimensions: 150 x 66 x 73cm.



office-img_1807tt.jpg  office-img_1810s.jpg  office-img_1805s.jpg  office-img_1800s.jpg


Surf TV and Hi-fi stand

Made of multi layered laminated and dyed marine plywood

Dimensions: 6’0”x 52 x 42cm


tv-img_1820s.jpg  tv-img_1819s.jpg  tv-img_1818s.jpg  img_1817s.jpg


Collection of sand picked on some of the best Kitesurfing beaches of the world

Australia, Chile, Peru, Hawaii, South Africa, Cabo Verde, Mauritius, Puerto Rico, Morocco, Oman, Cyprus…

Dimensions: 32 x 17 x 3.5cm


sands-img_1815s.jpg  sands-img_1840s.jpg  sands-img_1835s.jpg


Kite lamp/abat-jour

Made of fiber glass, wood and copper. Fully functional light.

Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 23cm



The Tube

Sun shade, now even when you are not out surfing you can be in  ”The Tube”.


img_2838s.jpg  img_2840s.jpg  img_2841s.jpg  img_2846s.jpg


Boards in a frame

In a variety of shapes and wood grain.

Dimensions: 37 x 28cm


boards-imgp5851s.jpg  boardsimg_1844s.jpg  boardsimgp5852.jpg  boardsimg_1845s.jpg


Surf halogene light

Made of aluminum and wood. Fin shaped base.

Dimensions:170 x 40cm or 190 x 40cm


lightsimg_1852s.jpg  lightsimg_1856s.jpg  lightsimg_1857s.jpg  lightsimg_1865s.jpg  lightsimg_1864s.jpg


Surf mirror standing on a wave

Made of wood and glass, fully inclinable.

Dimensions: 162 x 45cm


mirrorimg_1892s.jpg  mirrorimg_1886s.jpg  mirrorimg_1878s.jpg  mirrorimg_1875s.jpg