The FURTIVE features a high aspect ratio for high performance and 5 struts to control the profile. The leading edge arc is reduced to develop the maximum of power for a given area. It’s main performance characteristics are :

- Hang Time: it launches you really high and keeps you up there for long thanks to its lift .
- Optimized upwind speed/angle compromise with an unbelievable traction towards the edge of the window.

- Maximum power and acceleration thanks to the high aspect ratio and moderate ARC
- Complete control of the profile and distortions thanks to the all new W5 bridle and the 5 struts

The furtive is the kite you need to break records with a twintip, a gun or a foil!



fone-furtive-green                                  f_one-monolith-bar

Furtive 6.4 m

Complete kite price €1619                Kite only €1170

Furtive 8 m

Complete kite price €1719                Kite only €1270

Furtive 10 m

Complete kite price €1859                Kite only €1410

Furtive 12 m

Complete kite price €1949                Kite only €1500

Bar only

Bar only €449 


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