Foil Boards




What’s the most efficient, highest performance craft on the water ? It’ s a Foilboard ! Go faster and point higher upwind while using a smaller size kite than you would with a TT or surfboard. The feeling of flying over the surface of the water is just amazing !

For 2017 F-One introduces  4 boards 100% dedicated to foilboarding in 2 different constructions (carbon or glass) and the Mitu Pro Model surfboard in 3 different sizes with a plug for dual use Foil/Surf !



F_ONE_Foilboard_51_ts_0_jpg_mini_290x590                        Kitefoil 51 TS

F-ONE-foilboard-49                               Kitefoil 49

F_ONE_Foilboard_carbon_series_51_0_jpg_mini_290x590                                   Kitefoil 51

F_ONE_Foilboard_carbon_series_47_1_jpg_mini_290x590Kitefoil 47

Mitu_58_510_convertible_1_jpg_mini_290x590Mitu  convertible

KITEFOIL 47/49/51 and 51TS are 100% dedicated foil boards with the characteristics that are required for practicing this discipline.

Compact in design do reduce drag from the wind, the top deck is concaved to maximize comfort and control. The bottom deck is shaped in a triple V contour with a precisely tuned concave, combined with a strong nose rocker to soften the impact when the board touches down.

The rails are high and inverted to reduce drag when the board “taps” the water while edging hard upwind.

Boards  are equipped with multiple strap attachment points to facilitate tuning and KF-BOX for foil attachment.

Sizes : 156/47, 156/49, 156/51

KITEFOIL BOARD Price €649 for 51 TS version, €839 for glass version, €1099 for carbon version.

MITU MONTEIRO Pro Model Convertible.

The Surf pro model MITU MONTEIRO in sizes 5’6’’ / 5’8’’ / 5’10’’ is also offered in its “convertible” version equipped with a KF-BOX for foil attachment. This 2 in 1 concept means you can use this board with or without the hydrofoil attached to it.

With its very efficient and all around shape combined with the new construction HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE, tough and light, the surf MITU MONTEIRO Convertible is the perfect board to not miss a session without loading your quiver.

Price €1069


Taaroa Addict board

The board has a very important role in foil navigation. Its shape must allow for comfortable navigation and facilitate aerial manoeuvers.

With this in mind, Taaroa has developed the Addict board by Taaroa. Its double concave, which is only at the front, minimises impact when “touching” the water. The new “Pro Box” mounting box, facilitates the connection with the mast allowing a better distribution of force.


Its construction gives it a relatively low weight while maintaining maximum strength. The position of the foostraps at the front is adjustable, thanks to 5 insert positions. Thus allowing all types of riders to choose their style of navigation.


154cm X 51cm X 7,5cm

5’0 X 20.1’’ X 2.9’’

34 litres

Price glass construction €790

Price Carbon construction €990


Zeeko Pocket board

Ideal for progress and doing tricks and freestyle.

Construction : Composite core / FiberGlass


Dimensions :155 x 46 x 2.5 cm

Price €649

Dwarfcraft 4’6″ : Slingshot’s 4’6” Dwarfcraft is a light, agile and userfriendly board designed for all-around freeride foiling. It’s constructed from a rugged EPS core, with inlaid stringers and a fiberglass wrap and features moderate front-end rocker, beveled rails, mild concave, foostrap mounts for two or three strap configurations and a sliding track mounting system for a great all-around ride you can dial in to your preferences.


Size 4’6”x18′.

Price €649


Online pricing is suggested retail prices by manufacturers. Feel free to contact us for any potential discounts on kites, boards or complete packages.