WTF  2018

The WTF!? is a brand new kite for 2018; it’s a no compromise freestyle machine designed for winners; it’s even in the name: Win The Freestyle!

Freestyle kites undergo unique situations as the riders load and release, going from full power as they edge to no power as they fly through the air, that “slack” feeling is the Holy Grail of a good freestyle kite. The WTF!? has superior pop and excellent slack, while we have ensured the kite is strong enough to handle these intense demands, especially during high wind kite loops, we have also kept the weight of the kite down to ensure excellent handling.

WTF - 01-Deep-Blue-Lime 3-4 RIGHTs




WTF 5 m

Kite only €1100

WTF 6 m

Kite only €1180

WTF 7 m

Kite only €1230

WTF 8 m

Kite only €1280

WTF 9 m

Kite only €1330

WTF 11m

Kite only €1480

WTF 13m

Kite only €1550

WTF 175

Kite only €1630

Bar only

Bar only €499 


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