We use Polytex which is  a fire rated, knitted shade fabric of the highest quality. Especially designed for use in shade sails construction this material provides 90% sun protection and is easy to clean. Most important for seaside locations Polytex is extremely wind resistant and carries a 10 year UV warranty.


It is important that sails are sewn with UV stabilised PTFE thread. Standard Polyester UV stabilised thread is 5 times cheaper but will only last a few years. PTFE thread will out last the shade sail fabric.


Shade Sails need to be designed and manufactured to take the loads applied onto them, including specialised seams and ‘doublers’ or double-thickness fabric reinforcing.

The perimeter of each shade sail is designed with a gentle curve and a stainless steel cable running through it to control the tension of the sail.  This detail ensures that when tension is placed on the shade sail corners the fabric remains taut, creating an aesthetically pleasing feature that eliminates any sagging or flapping in the wind.

Hardware :